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Local Election Reform

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Submission to Minister Oakes

October 8, 2013

Local Government Election Reform
Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
P.O. Box 9847 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC  
V8W 9T2
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear Minister Oakes:

The Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize and commend your efforts in tackling local government election reform in British Columbia. We appreciate your hard work on this issue. This is a critical file for B.C. and one where you have the opportunity to make meaningful, positive change.

That is why I want to share with you the thoughts of the Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce and our 500 members regarding an area of concern: B.C.’s lack of a business vote.

White Paper on Local Government Elections Reform

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Input deadline: Oct. 23/13

The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development has published a White Paper on Local Government Elections Reform and is inviting comments on the proposed modernization of the legislation.  The White Paper reflects the recommendations of the joint Provincial and Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) Local Government Elections Task Force.  Local government elections rules apply to municipalities, regional districts, parks boards, the Islands Trust and boards of education.

PDCC Position on Proposed DCC Increases

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Development Cost Charges are prescribed as an allowable imposition by a local government to assist the local government to pay the capital costs of constructing sewage, water, drainage, and highway facilities and providing and improving parkland.

Development Cost Charges are regulated through the Local Government Act; Division 10, Sections 933-937. The Act lays out the parameters by which local government can implement a DCC Bylaw.  The City of Parksville is proposing to introduce a new DCC Bylaw which will see rates increase by 45%.

The Chamber’s response to DCC changes will address:

Click <Here>  for the full document.

PDCC Business Plan

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2014 Current

The Business Plan is the annual working document providing direction to the chamber team for the calendar year 2014. The Strategic Goals contained in the three year Strategic Plan are listed in the Strategic Plan with the specific detail on how these items are to be achieved or advanced this year. Click for the 2014 Business Plan document.

Click <HERE> to read the 2014 Business Plan of the Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce. 


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The Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce was incorporated under the Boards of Trade Act in 1978, and its Constitution and Bylaws are in accordance with the Act. 

PDCC Submission to Standing Committee on Finance

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing the Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce the opportunity to present the views of our 500 members on what the government’s priorities for the 2013/14 provincial budget should be. 
We will be providing a written submission which details the full range of chamber recommendations for budget 2013. 

Our written presentation will address a number of issues we do not have the time to address in our comments today.  These will include skills and education, transportation and the role of Crown Corporations.

The news that provincial revenue has taken a $1.4 billion hit as a result of a drop in natural resource revenue is yet another reminder BC is subject to the vagaries of the global economy.  We are and will remain price takers on the world stage not price setters.

Further to this we have seen signs that many of the challenges to BC’s economy identified in the First Quarterly Report are moving from a risk into reality.

Chamber Policy on Proposed Noise and/or Odour Regulation

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The Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce Policy Committee met to discuss your request for input on the proposed Business Regulations Pertaining to Noise and/or Odour.

We are familiar with the proposed regulation through attendance at Council Meetings where the proposal was presented and reviewing the Report from G.A Jackson, Director of Community Planning.

Our discussion looked at the need for such a regulation and the broad implications if such a regulation were put in place. Specifically:
  • Is there a sufficient complaint history to justify the action?
  •      - We have no way of knowing the complaint history and did not further discuss that question.
  • Is the proposed regulation quantifiable in measuring noise and/or odour?
  •     -  Noise is measurable and we note there is an existing bylaw to deal with excessive noise (By-Law 1492)

Development Timelines

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It has become apparent that there is a significant issue in obtaining timely local government approvals on Development Permits. We also believe that, with no source of recourse, local governments have the opportunity to withhold approvals until the applicant agrees to take on costs that may or may not be related to the specific project application.

The process for the application of Development Permits varies dramatically between Local Governments across the province. These variances cause confusion for the applicant and result in additional costs due to the uncertainty of the process.

A Need for Focused Attention on Business Taxation

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A Need for Focused Attention on Business Taxation (2007)

Any review of the competitiveness of the province’s taxation regime must address the fact that small- and medium-sized businesses (SME’s) play a pivotal role in the provincial economy.  The Chamber has consistently been the leading voice calling for the recognition of the role played by SME’s in economic growth, job creation, regional and local development and social cohesion for communities across the province.

With this in mind, The Chamber believes that it is critical that the Provincial Government focus on SME’s as they develop their taxation plans.

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