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The Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce have distributed a questionnaire to all candidates seeking office as Mayor or Councillors in the City of Parksville. The responses are available below. Bracket following the name contains the jurisdiction where each candidate resides.  It is our intent that these responses will allow our members and interested residents an opportunity to see where candidates stand on a variety of topics of interest to the business community. The Chamber does not promote or endorse any candidate. 

Candidates for Mayor
COLLIS, Dallas (Parksville)
FARINHA, Antonio (Parksville)
LEFEBVRE, Marc (Parksville)
NEUFELD, Bill (Parksville)

Candidates for Council
ABBOTT, Heidi (Parksville)
BEIL, Mary (Parksville)
GORDON, Jim (Area G)
GRIER, Al (Parksville)
HONAIZER, Rick (Parksville)
LOHVIN, Donald (Parksville)
OATES, Kirk (Parksville)
PATTERSON, Teresa (Parksville)
PLOTNIKO, Roy (Parksville)
POWELL, Sue (Parksville)
REITSMA, Paul (Parksville)
SALTER, Leanne (Area F)
WATERS, Caroline (Parksville)


Tue, 28 Oct 2014 10:54:01 -0700
Success with Policy Presentation

Representatives of the Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce recently attended the Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM and Policy Conference in Charlottetown, P.E.I. The Parksville & District Chamber delegation went with a purpose – to ensure passage of a policy regarding the certification of forestry practices and the acceptance of those certifications by the Canadian Green Building Council. The policy submitted by the Parksville and District Chamber of Commerce addresses this issue by calling for the federal government to promote competition and continued improvement of green building standards; promote fair competition among responsibly managed forests; advance Canada's forest industry in the global marketplace and protect jobs and enhance resource based jobs.

Green building rating systems help determine a structure’s level of environmental performance. The LEED rating system, developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), was adopted by the Canada Green Building Council in 2004. LEED has made positive contributions by promoting green building design and energy efficiency. This system, however, does not recognize all credible forest certification standards equally.

As such, approximately two-thirds of forests in Canada that are third-party certified to credible, internationally recognized standards for sustainable forest management are not eligible for the certified wood credit under the LEED standard. As a result, Canadian builders, architects and designers cannot source our own responsibly-managed Canadian Standards Association- or Sustainable Forestry Initiative-certified wood for use in building projects for which they seek to earn the LEED certified wood credit. Further, in some areas of the country, qualifying Forestry Stewardship Council - certified wood is either not available, or is available in limited supply. This may necessitate transportation of FSC-certified wood from other jurisdictions in order to earn the LEED certified wood credit. Click HERE for the policy.

The Chamber achieved this policy win as one of 60 policies accepted at the Canadian Chamber AGM held in Charlottetown. There were an additional 9 policies debated and subsequently not accepted by the assembly. The policies presented address issues that are of significant importance to the business community and were endorsed by over 300 chamber delegates from across Canada as national policy.

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Get Out and Vote! Campaign

Looking to encourage your chamber members and business community to exercise their right to a voice in the 2014 municipal election? Here are some great strategies you can encourage them to take part in.

Pick and choose what works for you. smile

Program Overview
In the last municipal election less 35% of eligible Parksville voters went to the polls. This campaign focuses on encouraging you, the eligible voter, to exercise your right to have a voice and VOTE on November 15th.



  • From November 1 - 15, change your profile picture to one of the following icons:

              Vote1  Vote2  Vote3
               Right click on the icon you like the best and click "save as picture"  or email the chamber and we can send a .jpg version to you.

  • Post the fact that you are going to vote and invite all your friends to do so.
  • Announce when you have voted on your Facebook page and post a "selfie" of you outside your voting location with the "I Voted" sticker you will receive after voting.


  • From November 1-15 change your profile icture to one of the above icons
  • Tweet an invitation to vote to all of your followers
  • Tweet when you have voted using the #ivoted
  • Use the below hashtags on posts from November 1-15, 2014
    • #IVoted
    • #Vote2015
    • #November 15
    • #Parksville
  • Here are some sample tweets and you can just copy and paste into your feed:
    • Get Informed! Make Smart Choices! Don't be a silent taxpayer! #IVoted
    • Remember to vote #November 15.
    • Hey #Parksville make your vote count! #November15
    • Did you know that in the 2012 local election only 35% of eligible voters in #Parksville actually voted? Don't be a silent taxpayer!
    • On #November15 you have a choice... To vote or not to vote. Your vote DOES make a difference, make the right choice! #IVoted


During the weeks of November 1 - 15, use one of the icons above in your email signature with a link to:

  • Send an email to all of your contacts reminding them to VOTE!



Thu, 02 Oct 2014 15:19:30 -0700
Inter-Community Business License Program City Approves in Principle

The Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce congratulate the City of Parksville for their approval in principle of participation in an inter-community Business License Scheme.

This initiative, proposed and promoted by Island Chambers and received and implemented by Island Local Governments, will allow businesses to work in communities from Duncan to Campbell River by purchasing a business license in their hometown and also purchasing an intercommunity license.

This initiative will make doing business on a regional basis more cost efficient for businesses that work, conduct business or provide services in more than one community in the participating region. The expected benefits of the program to business include:
• Reduce the time and cost of buying multiple licences.
• Save the burden of remembering to renew multiple licences.
• Simpler process for the inter-community licence gives less room for errors and noncompliance.
• Provides access to larger market, across total of participating communities.
• Allows consumers greater choice of service providers.
• Allows greater opportunity for businesses to grow their client base regardless of the client location.

Kim Burden, Executive Director         

Tue, 20 Aug 2013 16:38:08 -0700