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Economic Development MOU

The Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be part of a collaborative working agreement with key business and tourism stakeholders. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among the Lighthouse Country Business Association (LCBA), the Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce (PDCC), Parksville Downtown Business Association (PDBA), Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism Association (PQBTA) and Qualicum Beach Chamber of Commerce (QBCC) has been developed to support a cooperative relationship to promote business and group 5tourism in the Oceanside Region.

The partners agree to focus their collective efforts on developing a strategic plan identifying economic drivers, developing a position statement on business attraction, growth and retention and promoting economic development in the region. To have a successful economic development strategy in place, the partners recognize working together on common goals better serves the community and a stronger regional economy.

The roles and responsibilities of each organization will not change but the MOU will enhance the opportunity of working together with common goals in mind.

  • PQBTA - mandate is external destination marketing.
  • PDBA – promotes and enhances businesses within a defined area of downtown Parksville.
  • PDCC & QBCC - The Chambers are the voice of business and deliver visitor services in their respective communities.
  • LCBA – advances the interests and prosperity of the businesses within the Lighthouse Country.

Partners finalized and signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on November 28, at the QB Town office lobby. On hand to sign for each organization were:

Sandy Herle, representing Parksville Downtown Business Association

Sarah Duncan, representing the Qualicum Beach Chamber of Commerce

Jeannie Maltesen, representing the Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce

Paul Drummond, representing the Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism Association

Dietmar Baumeister – Quint, representing the Lighthouse Country Business Association


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Partner quotes

'A positive and important step to producing a Tourism Master Plan for our diverse area which will include the Business sector, transportation, the environment and many other social and economic concerns that we all share.'

Pat Jiggins, Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism Association

'We are pleased to sign this agreement with our neighbours and stakeholders. The signing of this agreement demonstrates that together we can achieve our goals for our respective communities while sharing a common will to implement our plans with respect for the needs and interests of each. The unifying element of our coming initiatives will assure all parties of the opportunity to put our common desires into practice for the benefit of all people in our region'.

Sarah Duncan, Qualicum Beach Chamber of Commerce

'The way to promote inclusive and more sustainable economic growth in the region is to work with all five organizations. This collaboration represents months of development and is a strong indicator of how much we are all committed to focusing our efforts on developing a strategic plan going forward.'

Jeannie Maltesen, President Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce

'A defining point that comes out time and again is that, as a business community, we do not work alone.  Our success and the success of our region relies on cooperation and collaboration particularly within our area.  The joint signing of this agreement recognizes this and strives to build upon this position.  The Parksville Downtown Business Association is pleased to add their signature and support to this effort which will encourage the joint efforts of our combined organizations toward developing a strategic plan towards economic goals.'

Sandy Herle, President Parksville Downtown Business Association

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