The Old Country Market

  • The Old Country Market
While touring throughout British Columbia, Canada, the Old Country Market in Coombs is a must see destination. The Market is famous for its "goats on the roof". For almost 25 years, the new millenium marking our Silver anniversary, the goats have posed for many a picture. Inside the Market you'll find the freshest local produce, a selection of gifts from the farthest reaches of the world, a delicatessen that specializes in a variety of international meats and cheeses. As well, there are selections of groceries from many European countries including our own. A scratch bakery and a restaurant featuring great salads, burgers, sandwiches and pasta round off the "Coombs Experience". We have something to offer kids of all ages....perhaps a double scoop ice cream cone.Whether you're a local or a bonifide visitor, the Old Country Market with the goats on the roof is a fantastic place to bring the family and enjoy an afternoon
P.O. Box 219, Coombs, V0R 1M0, BC, Canada
250 248-6272
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