Rawthentic Eatery

At Rawthentic, everything is made fresh in house with real food…no fillers, preservatives, or refined food. The sauces are made fresh every day, with nuts, seeds, cold pressed olive oil and hemp as the base. The Almond mylk is made fresh every day. Most of the to-go containers, straws and cutlery are made with corn so they are biodegradable. The apple juice is cold pressed and unpasteurized so it is as if the apples were juiced right off the tree for our customer’s smoothies. All the smoothie boosters are actually real super foods that are unprocessed. Chia (perfect anti-oxidant and intestinal cleanser), Hemp Hearts (big protein boost), Goji (anti-oxidant and high in protein), Acai (high anti-oxidant and energy boost), Maca (energy boost) are a few of the boosters Rawthentic uses in its smoothies.
144 Morison Avenue, Parksville, , B.C.,