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• Canada Day Vendor Application

FEE: $100.00 + GST for a 10x10 site

2022 Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce Canada Day Participation Policy

The following policy will apply to all vendors and merchants engaged in operations of Canada Day activities of the Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce. For the purpose of this policy, all individuals and businesses who register to participate in the Chamber event will be referred to as “participants” after being accepted by the appropriate committee chair and/or coordinator. Each committee of the Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce will possess their own criteria with respect to the regulations and participation in their respected events.

Non-Discrimination Policy: The Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce believes in equal access to events for all participants. The Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce will not engage in discrimination of participants based on location of business, race, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability of the participants and will comply with all federal, provincial, regional and local laws, orders and regulations.

Recognizing that vendors sell products and services, the Chamber is committed to ensure that the community benefits from access to a variety of goods, and services, therefore all vendors and merchants under the following criteria, all of which must be met: 

      1.  All products to be sold meet the quality and value expected at the event - as monitored and determined by committee and coordinator

      2.  All products/services bring value to the event and are of interest to purchasers as monitored and determined by the committee and coordinator

I understand and accept the policy, as outlined above, as terms and conditions for my participation. I understand that the Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce shall not in any way be held liable or responsible by me with respect to any loss, damage, costs or expenses my business or I may suffer or incur with respect to participation in the event.


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